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pile cropping with Mr Cropper's pile trimming attachments


Pile Breaker Hire and Pile Trimming Services Available Nationwide


Mr Cropper offer a variety of Pile Breaker Solutions for various pile types and sizes. 

Our highly experienced staff are on call to provide free comprehensive advice and assistance when planning your next pile trimming task.

Whether you call it pile breaking, pile cropping, pile crushing, pile cutting or pile trimming, Mr Cropper has a solution!

Trim Over 100 Piles per day

Mr Cropper's 4 JAW Cropper pile trimming, pile breaking and pile cropping contiguous piles

User-Friendly Pile Breakers, No Specialised Training Needed




4JAW Cropper attachment

The Cropper attaches to the external hydraulic lines of your excavator via quick release fittings that are easy to attach and remove.


The Cropper hangs from the excavator lifting point via chains or a lifting frame. 


Straight reinforcement bars are required and we recommend a saw cut is installed at cut-off level to prevent fractures below.

For circular piles, we recommend debonding is used to sleeve the reinforcement bars. This will (amongst other things) reduce time, reduce dust, and result in an incredibly clean finish without any manual trimming required at cut-off level. 

Pile Preparation


Lower the Cropper over the pile up to 500mm and operate the cropper blades until the pile section 'pops' free (as pictured). 

 The broken pile section can then be lifted to a dumper or disposal area. 

Continue this process working downwards from the top of the pile until the cut-off level is reached. Note that at least 300mm should be left for the last 'bite'.



De-bonded piles

Lower the Cropper over the top of the pile up to 300mm, always cropping from the top down. 


Operate the Cropper until the blades penetrate or 'crunch' the pile, forming a horizontal break through the concrete.


Release the Cropper blades from the pile and continue this process in up to 300mm increments down to cut-off level. 


Bonded piles

Following these mthods it is possible to trim up to 200 piles per day!


The only labour required for the cropper method is the Cropper operator and Banksman to guide the Cropper onto the piles. 

Away you go!


The result is an unbelievable finish with no manual trimming required!




Our Pile Breakers eliminate many of the health and safety issues associated with traditional methods.


Risk of vibratory disorders such as HAVS (hand-arm vibration syndrome) are drastically reduced and the need for hand held vibratory tools is virtually eliminated.


Use of Pile Breakers significantly reduces dust and noise, and allows workers to remain a safe distance from the bulk pile breaking works. 



Lifting Frame & Chain Certification

Mr Cropper ensure that any lifting frame and chains that are provided with our Croppers are certified by a NATA accredited company.

On hire and Off hire Reports

Maintenance reports are carried out prior to, and after every hire to check that all aspects of the Cropper are in proper working condition.

NDT testing

NDT tests and hydraulic proof testing are carried out annually or when deemed necessary by our engineers.




Keep a safe exclusion zone and keep clear of all moving components whilst cropping

Check all bolts, blades, chains, hydraulic hoses, grease nipples and fittings before use. 

Wear appropriate PPE

Ensure operators familiarise themselves with the appropriate operation manual

Use a Banksman

Ensure the Banksman and Operator maintain verbal contact and use visual hand signals when operating the Cropper

Do Not


x  Pull on the chains or Cropper

Operate the Cropper for any other use than instructed in the operation manual  

x  Trim more than the recommended depth per 'bite'

x  Trim piles from the bottom up

x  Disconnect the Cropper hydraulics from the excavator without releasing the pressure first. 

Use the Cropper for stripping or pulling the piles

Guide or maneuver the Cropper using the hydraulic hoses. 

Note. damages to equipment will incur charges. 





For circular piles, we recommend debonding is used to sleeve the reinforcement bars. This will (amongst other things) reduce time, reduce dust, and result in an incredibly clean finish without any manual trimming required at cut-off level. 

The separation between concrete and reinforcement allows the Cropper to form a clean break through the pile and lift the excess concrete in one section!

For more information and pricing, contact us today. 


Leading Australian Pile Croppers For Hire

Discover top-tier pile cropper hire and pile breaking services across Australia at Mr Cropper. We offer quality pile cropper hire and trimming services, providing focused solutions for all your construction needs.

Focused Pile Crushing Solutions in Australia

Whether you need a pile cropper in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Brisbane, Mr Cropper is the go-to choice for pile breaking in Australia.

We have an extensive range of pile croppers available for hire, each designed to meet the specific requirements of your next construction project. From standard hydraulic pile cropper hire to more specialised CFA pile cropper machines, we provide the most advanced technology to help you achieve the smoothest, most precise pile trimming possible.

Expert Pile Breaking Contractor and Hire Services

Pile crushing is a crucial step in preparing foundations for construction. Our advanced equipment and skilled operators make the process smooth and efficient.

As a leading pile breaking contractor in Australia, we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle even the most challenging pile trimmer projects. Our experienced team has a suitable pile breaker in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth to suit your needs, guaranteeing safe and efficient pile breaking solutions.

Every pile cutter we provide stands out for its precision and reliability. Engineered to ensure every pile is trimmed to your exact specifications, our machines help reduce construction times, improve structural integrity and enhance the finish at cut-off level.

Break New Ground with Top-Quality Australian Pile Croppers

Whether trimming contiguous, secant, precast or augered piles, Mr Cropper has the perfect piling cutter solution. When you hire a pile cropper from us, you can rest easy knowing every concrete pile cutter is well-maintained and built to provide the performance and versatility you need to handle anything you throw at it.

If your project requires trimming, cutting, or cropping a few concrete piles, our pile breakers are the ideal candidates for the job. These powerful machines are specially designed to make short work of any pile-breaking task, creating clean cuts that enhance the quality of the finish at the cut-off level.

Mr Cropper does more than just hire piling cutters. If you're looking to hire a pile-breaking contractor, our expert team brings years of skill and experience to every job and a commitment to excellence you can take to the bank.

Explore Our Pile Cropper Services

We understand the critical role pile cutting plays in the construction process. Mr Cropper gives easy access to the tools you need to tackle any task, with a comprehensive range of pile trimming contractor and hire services across Australia.

Our commitment to excellence makes us the go-to choice for all your pile cutter needs. With branches located in key cities nationwide, we can provide you with the perfect pile cropper in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane to get the job done, including the versatile CFA pile cropper.

Why Choose Mr Cropper for All Your Pile Breaker Hire Needs?

If you're looking for pile breaker rentals you can rely on, Mr Cropper Australia simply can't be beaten. Our cutting-edge machines utilise the latest tech to make breaking down concrete piles an absolute breeze. But high-quality equipment hire is just the beginning.

Safety and compliance are our number one concerns. All our equipment meets the strictest safety standards, giving you total peace of mind throughout the pile trimming process.

Customer satisfaction is our goal. We ensure timely and effective completion, working closely with you to meet all your needs. Providing expert services, pile breaking in Australia and pile breaker hire, you can easily secure pile cropping in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, giving you access to nationwide coverage and support.

Contact the Mr Cropper Team Today

For Australian pile croppers and professional hire services, look no further. The Mr Cropper team is ready to assist with your next construction project, offering quality customer service, tailored solutions and expert advice to assist you every step of the way.

We also offer competitive pricing for all our pile trimming contractor and pile cutter rental services, with great value deals designed to fit your budget.

Get in touch today to learn how our pile breaker hire services can support you in achieving your construction goals.

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