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Pile Breaking Health & Safety

Traditional pile trimming methods utilise hand held Jackhammers which can expose workers to significant hazards, most notably Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) which causes loss of sensation in the fingers and can result in irreversible loss of feeling and strength in the hands.

traditional pile trimming using hand held jackhammers
Jackhammer pile trimming

Although other traditional pile breaking methods (such as rockbreaker attachments) may alleviate the requirement for Jackhammer usage to some extent, the final cut-off level will inevitably entail Jackhammer trimming to make ready the pile. Rockbreaker attachments also carry other inherent hazards during trimming such as generating considerable dust, noise and debris.

Safe Work Australia suggests that all practical measures to eliminate manual jackhammer usage should be considered before undertaking tasks (such as pile trimming) that may subjugate workers to long expose to vibratory tools. One way to alleviate the health and safety risks associated with pile trimming is to adopt Mr Cropper's pile cropping method which virtually eliminates jackhammer usage from the pile trimming process.

Mr Cropper's pile breaker attachments have been designed to remove the noise, dust, debris and hand-held trimming from the pile cropping process. Not only are pile croppers more safe than traditional methods, they are also incredibly fast and efficient, capable of trimming up to 200 piles per day!

4JAW pile cropper
4JAW Pile Cropper

In order to find out how Mr Cropper can remove the risks associated with pile trimming on your next project, give us a call today for obligation free advise and assistance.

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