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What is Pile Trimming?

Concrete piles are trimmed or "cropped" to a pre-determined cut-off level in order to expose the reinforcement bars, allowing for construction of the subsequent pile caps or capping beam.

Piles are typically cast above the desired cut-off level in order to allow impurities and contaminants in the concrete to raise to the top of the pile. The contaminated top section can then be removed to expose the reinforcement and ensure good quality concrete throughout the pile length.

pile cropping, pile trimming, pile breaking, pile breaker, pile cropper
Contiguous piles trimmed using Mr Cropper's hydraulic 4JAW pile breaker attachment

Traditionally, piles have been broken back using jackhammers and rock breaker attachments - but these methods often yield damage to the reinforcement bars and cause vibration and subsequent damage to the pile concrete below the cut-off level.

Mr Cropper's hydraulic pile breaker attachments not only mitigate the damage caused to the pile concrete and reinforcement but also significantly reduce the health and safety impacts associated with traditional methods e.g. noise, dust and risk of vibratory disorders such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

de-bonding foam, pile trimming, pile breaker, pile cropper
Mr Cropper's 4JAW Cropper trimming de-bonded piles

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